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ViiVConnect provides multiple helpful resources such as enrollment forms, videos, and useful links to give you one-click access to all the information you might need to get the ViiV Healthcare medicine(s) your doctor prescribed. When you enroll in ViiVConnect, your dedicated Access Coordinator will give you one-on-one personalized support with the information you need every step of the way.

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These FAQs are designed to help answer some common questions you may have about services and support provided by ViiVConnect.

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Sometimes the words and phrases used to describe certain aspects of insurance coverage and financial support programs can be difficult to understand. We’re here to help.

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Common Patient Assistance Program Application (CPAPA)

Your doctor may prescribe a combination of medicines. This can be challenging if your prescriptions involve multiple drug companies. CPAPA is a single application form that allows you to apply for patient assistance for multiple medicines from one or more drug companies.

You can call ViiVConnect or download the CPAPA form and the Companion Guide below for additional explanation about the form and how to complete it.

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These videos are here to help explain more about how ViiVConnect works and to provide additional information on insurance coverage and financial support programs that could help you get the ViiV Healthcare medicine(s) your doctor prescribed.

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We are committed to playing our part in increasing access to ViiV Healthcare medicines for all patients by taking an innovative, responsible, and sustainable approach.

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